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  • Medical Practitioner Business (GP's and Specialists)

    Medical practitioner business (GP's and specialists) refers to opening your own private medical practice and focusing on the treatment of different diseases, injuries and other impairments.

    This service is in high demand in our country. This proves the fact that only every fifth physician in South Africa works in the public healthcare system.

    Business Model

    ●     General Practice (G.P’S);

    ●     Anaesthesiology;

    ●     Cardiology;

    ●     Cardiothoracic Surgery;

    ●     Dermatology;

    ●     Ear Nose Throat / Otorhinolaryngology;

    ●     Endocrinologist;

    ●     Gastroenterology;

    ●     Gynaecology& Obstetrics;

    ●     Haematologist;

    ●     Hyperbaric Medicine - Clinical;

    ●     Internal Medicine;

    ●     Maxillo-Facial & Oral Surgery;

    ●     Neonatology;

    ●     Nephrologists;

    ●     Neurology;

    ●     Neurosurgery;

    ●     Nuclear Medicine;

    ●     Occupational health;

    ●     Oncology;

    ●     Ophthalmology;

    ●     Orthopaedics;

    ●     Paediatric Surgery;

    ●     Paediatrics;

    ●     Pathology;

    ●     Physical Medicine;

    ●     Psychiatry;

    ●     Psychiatry-Child;

    ●     Pulmonology;

    ●     Radiology;

    ●     Reconstructive Surgery;

    ●     Rheumatology;

    ●     Specialist Physician;

    ●     Surgery;

    ●     Urology;

    ●     Vascular Surgery;

    ●     Virologists.

    Tools & Equipment

    Starting your own practitioner business is about opening a small medical centre. In case you decide to start a gastroenterology clinic, you will have to set up a company, get certified and purchase corresponding equipment.

    In this case, this refers to microscopes, balloon dilators, sigmoidoscopes, colonoscopes, duodenoscopes and other “scopes”. Also, you’ll need basic medical accessories such as alcohol pads, napkins, shoe covers, etc.


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