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  • Medical Practitioner Supply Business

    Medical practitioner supply business refers to supplying medical practitioners with various products and services helping them promote their businesses and do their job.

    One the one hand this refers to, for instance, selling massage tables to massage therapists. On the other hand, it implies printing custom business cards, making logos, letterheads, appointment cards for any medical practitioners.

    Business Model

    ●     Medical Practioner Equipment & Supplies Business;

    ●     Design & Print Service;

    ●     Medical Supply Business;

    ●     Medical Equipment & Accessories Business;

    ●     Medical Supply Company Franchise Business.

    Tools & Equipment

    To start your own medical practitioner supply business, you will have to decide what kind of help to offer them.

    In case you decide to work with otolaryngologists, you’ll have to establish connections with manufacturers of head mirrors, oral syringes, ear syringes, foreign body hooks and other accessories for on side and medical practitioners or their representatives from the other hand.


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