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  • Microdotting Business

    Microdotting business is the process of spraying a big amount (hundreds and thousands) of small dots on the surface of the car. They carry unique information (number, vehicle ID), etc.

    With over 100 thousand cars being stolen in South Africa annually, it can be considered the right target market for this business. The unemployment rate is high, crime syndicates steal hundreds of cars daily with the help of foot soldiers.

    Moreover, in South Africa, new vehicle microdotting is mandatory.

    Business Model

    ●     Microdot Theft Protection;

    ●     Microdot Manufacture & Wholesale Business;

    ●     Microdotting of Motor Vehicles;

    ●     Anti Car Theft Device Business;

    ●     TheftMark MicroDot Protection;

    ●     Home Security Marking Business.

    Tools & Equipment

    Property marking requires using special equipment. You can buy all-in-one kits called microdot vehicle kit, microdot scooter kit, microdot caravan, marine, home and other kits.

    When it comes to spraying dots containing ID number, you will need to purchase TheftMark microdot kit and register it on their website.


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