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  • Mining Services Business

    Mining services business is the process of serving companies that extract valuable minerals and other geological materials from the Earth.

    In South Africa, mining is a leading industry. Our country is known as one of the richest source of gold, diamonds and other precious metals and materials.

    This is a B2B business, which means it serves other companies, not ordinary people.

    Business Model

    ●     Geologists - consulting;

    ●     Mining and geological consultants;

    ●     Geotechnical contracting;

    ●     Metallurgist services.

    Tools & Equipment

    Even though mining involves buying expensive heavy-weight machinery, mining services are about consulting. For this, you will have to find a room, hire consultants who are good at geology, geotechnics, purchase computer hardware and software for geologists and metallurgists.

    You’ll also need vehicles and geological instruments for your employees such as field books, rock picks, clinometers, sample bags and others.


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