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  • Mining Business

    Mining business refers to the extraction of various materials from the earth with the aim of processing ore and obtaining precious and non-precious metals. Also, it refers to mining oil, gas and other commodities.

    South Africa is a strong player when it comes to mining gold, platinum, coal, ruby, diamonds.

    Business Model

    ●     Mining Exploration Business;

    ●     Mining Contractors;

    ●     Mining Equipment & Supplies;

    ●     Mining & Geological Consultants;

    ●     Mining Safety Equipment & Clothing -- Mining Hats;

    ●     Mining Information Business;

    ●     Mining Screens -- Screening & Sifting Equipment.

    Tools & Equipment

    To start a mining exploration business, you will have to set up a company, obtain a license and attract investments. When it comes to equipment, you will need different types of excavators, drills, continuous miners, rock dusters, shuttle cars, scoops, roof bolters and others.

    Also, you’ll have to hire well-qualified engineers, geologists and other specialists.


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