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  • Modelling Business

    Modelling business is the process of running an agency that represents fashion models who work for the fashion industry and promote clothes, shoes, different products and services.

    This business serves other businesses and helps them promote their product by making videos, banners, posters, shooting TV shows with nice-looking models, both adults (men and women) and children.

    Business Model

    ●     Modelling school business;

    ●     Model agency business;

    ●     Promotional models for hire service;

    ●     Model coordinating agency business.

    Tools & Equipment

    To set up a models-for-hire business, you will have to hire a web designer, web developer a website manager to build and promote a website, hire an office space, buy modern furniture, nice-looking curtains and build a photo studio. For this, cameras, camera tripods, lenses, lighting, backdrops, props are required.


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