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  • Motor Engineering Business

    Motor engineering business is the process of machining, remanufacturing, rebuilding and selling of diesel and petrol engines used in any type of motor vehicle which is used for transporting various goods or passengers.

    This business serves the automotive industry.

    Business Model

    ●     Machining and remanufacturing of diesel and petrol engines business;

    ●     Engine rebuilding, remanufacturing and reconditioning business;

    ●     Motor engines manufacture and wholesale business.

    Tools & Equipment

    Even though South Africa failed to manufacture its own car, it’s possible to produce and sell automobile parts such as motor engines. For this, you will need to start a factory and invest in special equipment such as a high-temperature clamp, hydraulic die retention cylinder, carpet stretching and moulding camp, magnetic gripper, pneumatic swing clamp and many other.


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