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  • Mushroom Business

    Mushroom business refers to growing different varieties of mushrooms and selling them for a profit to local restaurants, cafes, hotels.

    Among the others, most popular mushrooms in South Africa are a white button, crimino portabello, shitake mushrooms and others.

    Business Model

    ●     Dried mushrooms business;

    ●     Fungiculture - Mushroom Growing/Farming Business;

    ●     Mushroom Wholesale & Retail;

    ●     Mushroom Biltong Business;

    ●     Mushroom Farming Business;

    ●     Fungiculture.

    Tools & Equipment

    To grow mushrooms, you will have to build a farm and purchase special equipment and supplies.

    This refers to pre-pasteurised mushroom compost, mushroom bag clamps, vinyl tubing, sterile alcohol swabs, sterilised grain spawn, casing mixtures and others.


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