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  • Nappy Business

    Nappy business is the process of designing and manufacturing various types of underwear for children and adults. It allows the wearer to urinate without using a toilet.

    Typically, this business serves parents of young children. In certain cases, elderly people who can't take care of themselves need nappies for adults.

    Business Model

    ●     Disposable nappies business;

    ●     Toweling nappies business;

    ●     Diaper making machine manufacturers and suppliers business;

    ●     Disposable diaper making machines repair and maintenance business.

    Tools & Equipment

    There are different machines for making each type of nappies. Economic type baby diaper making machine JWC-LKB produces 150 pieces per minute.

    It requires synthetic polyacrylate and waterproof wood pulp that are commonly used as raw material.



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