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  • Needlework Business

    Needlework business refers to the art of designing and creating hand-made embroidery, crochet and lace.

    The target market for this business is creative persons who enjoy needlework themselves, and those who would like to buy these products as a gift or for their own homes.

    Business Models

    ●     Quilting business;

    ●     Embroidery business;

    ●     Crochet business;

    ●     Knitting business;

    ●     Tatting business;

    ●     Art needlework.

    Tools & Equipment

    Running this business involves starting a needlework studio. You will need to rent an office and hire workers. Some embroidery stitching tools needed for running a studio are handled sewing machines, sewing scissors, measure tapes, rulers, needles, pins and pincushions.


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