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  • Nursery Business

    Nursery business is the process of growing plants for a profit in a special place. This business supplies plants for the general public, scientific institutions, agriculture and other purposes.

    Some of the plants that can be grown in nurseries are flowers, vegetables, bushes, even trees.

    Nurseries can be established both outdoors and indoors. In most cases, this business serves other businesses (B2B model).

    Business Model

    ●     Nursery Supply/Supplies Business;

    ●     Fertiliser Business Page;

    ●     Garden Centers, Nurseries & Plant Services;

    ●     Nursery-Indoor & Outdoor Plant Hire;

    ●     Local Plant Nursery Business.

    Tools & Equipment

    Nursery business is a part of farming activities. Having prior experience in growing greens or vegetables in the field is a big help.

    To start your own nursery, you will have to find a plot of land, set up a company and purchase tools used in the nursery. This refers to garden spade, gardening knife, pruning scissors, spade, shovel, metal rake, plastic rake, soft rake, wheelbarrows, forked trowel and others.


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