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  • Office Equipment Business

    Office equipment business is the process of helping business owners purchase essential office equipment that they need for everyday use.

    Office equipment business serves all types of businesses regardless of their scope of work. A typical customer is an office manager whose task is to buy printers, copiers and other office stuff and take care of it.

    Business Models

    ●     Office equipment manufacturing;

    ●     Office equipment selling;

    ●     Office equipment reselling;

    ●     Office equipment rental;

    ●     Office equipment repair.

    What is Needed?

    The most popular way to make money in this business is buying office devices wholesale and selling them retail. In this case, you will need seed capital and a significant quantity of contracts with small businesses who need your stuff.

    Another solution is offering repair services. You will need to hire several office equipment repairmen and promote your services both online and offline.


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