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  • Oriental Rug Business

    Oriental rug business refers to importing pile or flat woven oriental rugs from Eastern countries and selling them in South Africa for home use.

    This business doesn’t involve manufacturing, only importing and selling. It serves mostly rich people who decorate their home or buy oriental rug as an investment.

    Business Model

    ●     Oriental rug import and retail business;

    ●     Oriental rug cleaning services business;

    ●     Islamic carpets retail shop business;

    ●     Fake Chinese “Persian carpets” retail shop business;

    ●     Handmade oriental rug manufacturing and selling business.

    Tools & Equipment

    No special equipment is needed to run this business. If you’re going to work online, you can try dropshipping, i.e. connecting Eastern sellers and South African buyers. In this case, you will need only a laptop and smartphone.

    Another approach is starting your own oriental rug shop. You will have to rent office space, decorate it, purchase racks and hire sellers.


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