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  • Pamphlet & Sample Distribution Business

    Pamphlet and sample distribution business refers to becoming a sales representative of various companies, promoting, selling and delivering samples of their products to end-customers.

    This service is an important part of complicated marketing strategies of any business. Mostly big and well-recognized hire sample distributors.

    Another option is serving small businesses. In this case, “distribution” refers to direct selling or flyer distribution.

    Business Model

    ●     Pamphlet distribution agency business;

    ●     B2B wholesale distribution business;

    ●     Business representative service.

    Tools & Equipment

    Running this business does not require buying special equipment, but it does require hiring qualified staff. You or your employers will represent big and small companies. Thus, you will have to invest in human capital, which means ordering pieces of training, buying online courses, participating in conferences, webinars, etc.


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