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  • Partition Business

    Partition business is the process of building a thin partition wall which divides a room from another room next to it.

    Partition walls are typically constructed out of bricks, plastic, wood, concrete, glass and even cloth.

    Business Model

    ●     Office partition services business;

    ●     Commercial partitioning products and services business;

    ●     Ceiling and partition services;

    ●     Partition installation services;

    ●     Demountable partitions services.

    Tools & Equipment

    Partition business is a construction activity. It requires a bolster, cordless drill, chisel, bump cutter and some other tools. If you decide to build partition walls out of concrete, you will need concrete mixers, circular saws, etc.

    To run this business, you will need to get permits issued by the government agency which allows conducting construction works.


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