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  • Function & Party Entertainment Business

    Function and party entertainment business is about starting a party planning and events management company that helps other people spend memorable events.

    In most cases, such a company is responsible for generating ideas, writing scenarios, furnishing supplies and doing everything else to meet the needs of a party host.

    Business Model

    ●     Clowns for hire business;

    ●     Kids party birthday business;

    ●     Banquets business;

    ●     Wedding reception, wedding invitation party business;

    ●     Private parties business.

    Tools & Equipment

    Being a clown and buying a luminous clown nose is not necessary to run this business. You might work as a contractor. In this case, you will need only a smartphone. Your most important asset is the list of clowns, dancers, party organizers and other specialists.

    Another option is starting a company, hiring personnel and doing all the work on your own. In this case, you will need various party supply items such as thank you notes, balloons, banners, favour bags, centrepieces, confetti, party blowers, hats, streamers.


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