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  • Pet Food Business

    Pet food business is the process of manufacturing and selling your own food for cats, dogs and other pets.

    Even though several giant corporations (Nestle, Mars, Colgate-Palmolive, Procter and Gamble) produce over 80% of all pet food in the world, there still is a place for a small home run company.

    Business Model

    ●     Dog and cat food manufacture and wholesale business;

    ●     Organic pet food store business;

    ●     Homemade dog food business;

    ●     Dry pet food business;

    ●     Fish food business;

    ●     Bird food business.

    Tools & Equipment

    To start your own pet food company, you have to decide which type of pet food to manufacture. While most people think that cats and dogs are the most popular pets, the reality is different. There is a huge demand for fish food in South Africa. Freshwater fish is considered to be the most popular pet in the world.

    To start making fish food you will need to buy an industrial pet food manufacturing machine, coating equipment, blenders, shapers and other.


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