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  • Pet Accessory Business

    Pet accessory business is the process of manufacturing and selling various pieces of pet accessories. This refers to collars, blankets, clothing, plastic carriers, ID tags, doggy shampoos and conditioner, dog beds and others.

    With over 9 million dogs and 2.5 million cats, South Africa can definitely be called a pet-friendly country!

    This business serves other people who have pets and take care of them. Therefore, this is a B2C business.

    Business Model

    ●     Kennels Manufacturing & Supplying Business

    ●     Collars, Blankets, Clothing Etc;

    ●     Pet Accessory Shop;

    ●     Handmade Pet Accessories Online Shop.

    Tools & Equipment

    To start a pet accessory business, you ‘ll have to find suppliers of leather, plastic, wood and other source materials.

    Also, you’ll need some tools such as scissors, hammers, pliers and others. In some cases, you will need a sewing machine, needles and threads.


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