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  • Pet Shop Business 

    Pet shop business refers to starting your own pet shop or pet store where customers buy different kinds of animals as well as pet food, cages and other accessories.

    With over 9 million dogs, 2.5 million cats and tens of millions of other pets our country can be called “a pet country”. South Africa’s pet care market is worth over R700 billion.

    Business Model

    ●     Pet retail shop;

    ●     Pet supplies and products business;

    ●     Pet shop and grooming services business.

    Tools & Equipment

    Starting your own pet shop is different from starting a traditional retail shop. Not only will you need to buy shelves and cages, but you’ll have to get a license and hire professional pet sitters and consultants.

    You can also offer pet grooming services. For this, you will need various pet grooming supplies, nail clippers and files, shampoos, bathing tools, brushes, etc.


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