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  • Pillow Business

    Pillow business is the process of manufacturing and selling pillows of different types and sizes. Most pillows are used in a sleeping room and support the body at rest. Another type is decorative pillows, they are an integral part of a room design.

    This business serves people of different cultures, skin colours and living values. We all need pillows!

    Business Model

    ●     Pillow manufacturing business;

    ●     Designer pillow business;

    ●     Orthopaedic pillow manufacture and wholesale business;

    ●     Memory foam pillows business.

    Tools & Equipment

    Today, most pillows are made of polyester. For this, you can build automatic lines for producing pillows of all fibre types and buy HFC-700 pillow filling machine and other computerized equipment.

    If you decide to manufacture quality pillows, you will need to find suppliers of linen, cotton, bamboo rayon.


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