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  • Playground Equipment Business

    Playground equipment business refers to manufacturing and selling or installing and maintaining of different pieces of playground equipment which is used indoors and outdoors places where kids of different ages play and have fun.

    This business serves educational organisations, kindergartens, private child development centres, etc. It also serves state and private organisations building outdoor playgrounds in living areas.

    Business Model

    ●     Jungle Gyms;

    ●     Swings;

    ●     Slides;

    ●     Jumping Castles;

    ●     Playground Equipment Manufacture & Wholesale Business;

    ●     Playground Equipment Maintenance & Repair Business.

    Tools & Equipment

    There are different types of playground equipment. They are made of metal, wood and plastic. In case you decide to manufacture plastic equipment, you will need plastic processing machines such as plastic pipe extrusion machinery, single screw extruders, plastic melting guns, PVC extruder and other extrusion tools


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