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  • Plumbing / Plumber Business

    Plumbing / plumber business refers to installing, maintaining and repairing different systems which are used for providing flats and houses with water and removing waste.

    This business serves ordinary people, commercial customers, state organisations, in this way, this is a B2M business (business to masses). 

    Business Model

    ●     Leak Detection Service;

    ●     Leak Detection Equipment;

    ●     Drain Unblocking, etc;

    ●     Drain &Sewer Cleaning;

    ●     Drain & Plumbing Services.

    Tools & Equipment

    To start this business in South Africa, you will need to get certified, register your company, set up an office, set up an online presence, promote your service, hire workers and purchase plumbing equipment.

    This refers to pipe cutters, adjustable pipe wrench, adjustable spanner, slip joint pliers, blowlamp and gas, mole grips, pipe bender and others. Also, you will need working clothes and gloves.


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