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  • Pond / Dam Lining Business

    Dam lining business is the process of retention of liquids and preventing seepage. In other words, dam liners are designed to provide waterproofing of dams and other water reservoirs (ponds, etc).

    The most popular material to make dam liners is polyethylene. They are cost-effective and quite secure.

    Business Model

    ●     Dam and pond lining systems manufacture and wholesale business;

    ●     Dam lining installation services business;

    ●     Geosynthetic dam liners manufacture and install business.

    Tools & Equipment

    Running a dam liner installation service requires buying some pieces of equipment. They are a vehicle for transportation, pumps, filters, tubes, skimmers. You’ll also have to hire workers. This is hard work, they often suffer from the musculoskeletal disorder and other diseases, thus you will have to buy a health insurance policy for your workers.


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