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  • Billiard Tables & Accessories

    Billiard tables and accessories business refers to manufacturing and selling billiard tables, balls, cues and other tools needed for billiard players.

    In addition to pool tables, you can produce shuffleboard tables and accessories.

    This business serves people who are passionate about intellectual sports.

    Business Model

    ●     Billiard tables and Accessories manufacture and wholesale;

    ●     Pool tables, shuffleboard tables and accessories manufacture and wholesale.

    Tools & Equipment

    You can make billiard tables tools in your garage. This is a woodworking activity. You will have to purchase circular saws, jigsaws, power jointers, thickness planer and other tools that are used for making furniture.

    Making billiard cues is not a technically difficult process, but it requires purchasing a straight-grained hard rock maple wood.


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