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  • Portable Toilets Business

    Portable toilets business is the process of renting out mobile toilet facilities for short periods of time. They can be used in both offices and residences.

    There are different kinds of toilets that can be rented. Some of them are movable vans, without hand basins, urine-diverting dry toilets.

    Business Models

    ●     Portable toilet rentals;

    ●     Toilet cleaning;

    ●     Toilet pumping;

    ●     Waste collection;

    ●     Sale of toilet paper, other toiletries.

    Equipment & Materials & Skills Needed

    In order to start a portable toilet business, you will have to obtain a license and permits. Sanitary services will inspect if you can comply with environmental laws and dispose of waste the right way.

    Once you get licensed, you can buy portable toilets and a transport trailer.



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