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  • Pottery & Ceramic Business

    Pottery and ceramic business is the process of manufacturing and wholesaling ceramics, which in fact is a non-metallic solid made up of chemical compounds that have been shaped and hardened by heating in moulds to very high temperatures.

    In most cases, ceramics is used for making bricks, pottery, tiles, even different types of cement and glass because of its hardness and brittleness.

    Business Model

    ●     Ceramics manufacture and wholesale business;

    ●     Pottery and ceramics supplies business;

    ●     Personalized pottery and ceramic service business.

    Tools & Equipment

    Material processing equipment and source materials for the ceramic industry includes press bodies, granules, plastic bodies, slurries, fibre materials and other.

    You’ll have to decide whether to produce ceramics as the source material for other products or manufacture your own products such as bricks, pipes, floor tiles, gas fire radiants, whitewares, cookware, etc.


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