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  • Power Tools Business

    Power tools business is about manufacturing, selling and maintaining various power tools like bandsaws, air compressors, ceramic tile cutters, belt sanders, chainsaws, angle grinders, alligator shears and other instruments.
    This business orientation is wholesale, its end-customers are power tool shops where everyone (mostly, men) can purchase what they need.

    Business Models

    ●     Power tool refurbish;

    ●     Power tool buy and sell business;

    ●     Saw business;

    ●     Band saws manufacturing business;

    ●     Renting out power tools business. 

    Equipment & Materials

    A power tool buy and sell business can be operated from home. You will have to find power tool wholesalers and end-customers and connect them. Another option is opening your own power tool shop. In this case, you will need to get a space, hire sellers and consultants and invest in the first batch of goods.


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