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  • Prefabricated/Prefab Building Business

    Prefabricated building business is the process of manufacturing and constructing buildings using prefabrication. This type of buildings is also known as “prehabs”.

    There are three stages of this process. At first, componentes are produced at the factory. After that, they are transported to a location. And finally, constructors form the complete building.

    Business Models

    ●     Making and selling components;

    ●     Transporting components;

    ●     Forming complete buildings;

    ●     Сonstruction of commercial buildings.

    Equipment & Materials & Skills Needed
    To run this business you will need both simple hand tools and complex machinery. Moreover, transport facilities will also be needed.

    In addition, such a company requires a crane and backhoe. These devices can be bought or rented because of their high prices and transportation difficulties.



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