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  • Printing Business

    Printing business is the process of reproduction text information, images or any other visual data onto paper, cupboard, stone or another template. This also refers to copying and photocopying.

    This business serves different types of clientele starting with elementary school students and finishing with the Presidental secretary.

    Business Model

    ●     Printing Service;

    ●     Digital Printing Business;

    ●     Lithographic Printing Business;

    ●     Business Card Printing Business;

    ●     Flyer Printing Business;

    ●     Photocopier Service;

    ●     Printer Supplies Business;

    ●     3D Printing Business.

    Tools & Equipment

    To start a photocopier service, you will have to find office space and purchase a photocopy machine such as Xerox WorkCentre or HP LaserJet. Also, you will need a computer or laptop in order to print data from removable USB-devices.

    Starting a 3D printing service requires buying a 3D printer and printing supplies.


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