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  • Private Investigator Business

    A private investigator is a modern Sherlock Holmes. He helps his customers solve mysteries and find the truth.

    Private investigators and detective agencies often cooperate with attorneys, prosecutors, judges. They are not allowed to break the law and use dishonest ways to get information for their clients.

    A working day of a private investigator is quite different from what’s shown in Hollywood movies. They spend most of their time in an office working on a computer or talking on the phone.

    Business Models

    ●     electronic surveillance (monitoring an online presence of the subject);

    ●     physical surveillance (monitoring target activities through close watch);

    ●     working for attorneys in civil cases;

    ●     working for attorneys in criminal cases;

    ●     child custody investigation.

    Equipment & Materials & Skills Needed / and if any certification
    All private investigators working in South Africa must be licensed.

    No special equipment is required to work as a detective or investigator. In most cases, the list of tools looks like this:

    ●     portable video camera, or a smartphone;

    ●     tape recorder;

    ●     notebook.

    Licensed investigators don’t use spy's equipment like spy glasses, etc.


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