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  • Rainwater Goods Business 

    Rainwater goods business refers to manufacturing and selling various goods that are installed on the exterior part of a particular building in order to protect it from possible damage caused by rainwater.

    Even though South Africa is considered to be a “dry country”, unpredictable rains are quite common, especially in the winter months.

    Business Model

    ●     Rainwater systems manufacture and wholesale business;

    ●     Plastic guttering and downpipes sale and install business;

    ●     Rainwater systems and goods retail shop business;

    ●     Metal rainwater and roofline products manufacture, wholesale and install business.

    Tools & Equipment

    The most common rainwater products are downpipes, rainwater heads, continuous spouting. To manufacture them, you will have to build your own small factory and buy some equipment. Power hammers, steam hammers, grinding machines, metalworking cutting tools, Arbor press, propane torch, bending machine and other pieces of equipment - this is what you will need to manufacture rainwater products.



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