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  • Refrigerated Truck Transport Business

    Refrigerated truck transport business refers to manufacturing, wholesaling and supplying of refrigerated trucks and vans which are designed especially for carrying fresh or frozen products such as milk, meat, ice-cream, etc.

    This business serves other businesses and is designed to connect manufacturers, cold storages, supply chains and retail stores. In this way, it is a B2B business.

    Business Model

    ●     Refrigerated Truck & Trailer Services;

    ●     Freezer / Cold / Refrigerated Truck Rental Service;

    ●     Refrigerated Van & Truck Repair & Maintenance Service;

    ●     Cold Storage Business;

    ●     Frozen Cold Storage Business;

    ●     Refrigerated services;

    ●     Logistics;

    ●     Warehousing & distribution.

    Tools & Equipment

    To start a refrigerated truck transport business, you’ll need to build a fleet of refrigerated trucks and/or vans.

    This implies building a climate controlled storage, refrigerated storage, equipment for moving refrigerated containers such as road freight, loading straps, stretch wrap, dolly and others.


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