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  • Research Business 

    Research business refers to running your own company which acquired detailed information of some specific area of life or business needed for a specific customer.

    This business helps other businesses design and manufacture their products and services, make them more useful and more attractive. In this way, this is a B2B model.

    Business Model

    ●     Industrial Research Business;

    ●     Scientific & Industrial Research Business;

    ●     Market Research Consultant Business;

    ●     Service Management Research & Analysis Business.

    Tools & Equipment

    This business is about doing market research and searching for information. It requires starting a company, buying several computers and hiring data analysts and market researches. They will be using both free and paid software such as Google AdWords, Google Trends, Google Alerts, Nfield, Omnia Pricewatch, SurveyLegend, DataPlay and others.


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