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  • Rubber Product Business 

    Rubber product business is the process of making wide varieties of products using rubber as the main source materials. Some of them are rubber toys, automobile tires, rubber mats, thermoplastic elastomers and other.

    This business serves various spheres of human life and activity starting with making a tiny rubber duck and finishing with race car tires.

    Business Model

    ●     Plastic and rubber manufacturing business;

    ●     Production of natural rubber;

    ●     Industrial rubber products;

    ●     Rubber auto parts manufacturing and selling business;

    ●     Rubber powder from waste tyres business.

    Tools & Equipment

    Rubber products are produced using vulcanization, which is the process that involves long-term heating and adding small amounts of sulfur. This makes the compound stable and resistant to external influences.

    Thus, you will have to buy vulcanizing autoclave systems, material handling, rubber mixing equipment and arrange supplies of latex, which serves as a source material.


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