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  • Scrap Metal Business

    Scrap metal business is the process of buying scrap metal for one price and then selling it in bulk for a profit to metal recyclers.

    This industry is estimated to be worth around R20 billion per year in South Africa.

    Scrap metal business involves working with both residential customers (buying scrap metal from them) and commercial clients (metal recycling companies).

    Business Model

    ●     Scrap Metal Collection Business;

    ●     Scrap Metal Vendor Business;

    ●     Scrap Metal Recycling Business;

    ●     Scrap Metal Business Insurance Services;

    ●     Scrap Metal Recycling Equipment Manufacture & Wholesale Business.

    Tools & Equipment

    To start a scrap metal business, you will have to build a plant and buy various pieces of metalworking and metal processing equipment. This refers to metal sprayers, metal smelters, refiners, metal cutting machinery, metal processing devices.

    Also, you will need to buy moving vans, hire drivers, engineers, chemists, programmers.


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