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  • Search Engine Optimization / SEO Business

    Search engine optimization / SEO business refers to starting your own SEO agency and helping customers promote their websites in search engines with the aim of driving more traffic and making more sales.

    This business serves small businesses and other customers who already have a website. In this way, it is an example of a B2B model.

    Business Model

    ●     SEO Agency Business;

    ●     Automatic Website Promotion Service;

    ●     Full SEO Service;

    ●     Digital Marketing Agency Business;

    ●     SEO & PPC Services.

    Tools & Equipment

    Running this business requires opening an office and hiring SEO-experts. You will have to hire online marketing specialists, copywriters, web designers, keyword research gurus or find reliable freelancers.

    Also, you’ll need some paid software such as Semrush, Majestic SEO, SEOmoz, WordTracker, Ahrefs, etc.


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