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  • Security Systems Business

    Security services business is the process of providing both armed and unarmed security services to private and public clients.

    It also refers to providing digital security such as online security, encrypted phone calls and conference calls services.

    Business Models

    ●     Monitored security systems manufacturing;

    ●     Monitored security systems sale;

    ●     Unmonitored security systems manufacturing;

    ●     Unmonitored security systems sale;

    ●     Monitored and unmonitored security systems rental and install business;

    ●     Wireless alarm systems install business;

    ●     Electric current home alarm service;

    Equipment & Materials

    Starting this business requires buying several systems to install and servicemen. You will have to decide whether to provide one specific service, for example, installing electric current home alarms, or think big and offer a wide variety of services.

    In case you decide to become a manufacturer, you will have to build your own small factory.


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