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  • Smelting Business

    Smelting business is the process of converting different ores to their purest form. This also refers to manufacturing and wholesaling metal smelters, refiners, etc.

    This business is an integral part of the mining and quarrying industry which is the leading contributor to South Africa’s GDP.

    While on one hand the smelting process is considered to be one of the most contributing cause of pollution in the environment, on the other hand, it helps obtain pure metals, including precious metals such as gold, silver.

    Business Model

    ●     Metal Smelters;

    ●     Melters & Refiners;

    ●     Metals - Precious - Sheets, Wire, Tubing, Etc;

    ●     Metals - Precious - Smelters & Refiners;

    ●     Precious Metals Smelters & Refiners;

    Tools & Equipment

    To run a smelting business, you will have to build a factory, hire geodesists, chemists, engineers and purchase metal melting and smelting equipment. This refers to a hand torch, hammers, tarps, digging equipment, buckets, hatchet and chopping blocks, scoops, ladles, shovels, bloom tongs.

    Also, it is important to provide your workers with working clothes, protective shoes, gloves and glasses. 


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