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  • Software Business

    Software business refers to starting your own software development company and creating different pieces of software needed for customers to successfully operate their businesses.

    This business serves financial institutions, state organisations, e-commerce companies and other commercial customers.

    The software development business is a B2B business. For one or another reason, South Africa lacks software development companies. Because of that local businesses work with companies based in other countries.

    Business Model

    ●     Software Development Business;

    ●     Software Sales Business;

    ●     Software Support Business;

    ●     Software Development Outsourcing Company;

    ●     IT Services and Software Development Business.

    Tools & Equipment

    Starting a software development company requires opening two departments. A marketing team is in charge of finding new customers, communicating with them, making sales, etc.

    A development team consists of web designers, web developers, data analysts and other specialists.


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