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  • Sports Tuition Business

    Sports tuition business refers to running your own sports coaching business and helping other people become stronger and fitter. This might refer to an online course as well as to running your own gym.

    Also, you can offer sports tuition services in other fitness facilities. It’s been estimated that South Africa’s gym clubs make over R12 billion in revenue every year. A significant percentage of this money goes to pockets of tutors.

    Business Model

    ●     Sport & Education Centre;

    ●     Personal Trainer Business;

    ●     Online Sports/Fitness Tutoring Business.

    Tools & Equipment

    To start a sports tuition business, you will need to open your own sports centre, hire existing or retired athletes and run a sports tuition programme for children or adults.
    In case you decide to teach people how to play ping-pong, you’ll need table tennis tables, net, post, balls, rubbers, racket, paddle and other accessories.


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