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  • Spraypainting Business

    Spraypainting business is the process of painting different surfaces by means of spray guns, LVLP systems, standalone sprayers, pulverizes and other devices. This involves the processing of kitchen cabinets, furniture, cupboards, cars, aircraft.

    This business serves commercial (business-to-business model) and residential customers (business-to-customer model).

    Business Model

    ●     Industrial Spray Painting Business;

    ●     Mobile Spray Painting Service;

    ●     Furniture Spraying Service;

    ●     Kitchen Cabinets Painting Service;

    ●     Cupboards Spray Painting Business.

    Tools & Equipment

    For spraypainting, you need different tools. They are airbrush spray guns, atomizing spray nozzles, airless spray guns, air powered sprayer diaphragm pumps. Also, you might be interested in buying an electric powered airless paint sprayer.


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