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  • Stained Glass Business

    Stained glass business is the process of making and selling coloured glass used in place of windows in kitchens, bathrooms, churches, hallways, museums and other places.

    Some people use stained glass at home for fun or as a significant decorative element of landscape design.

    In this way, this might be a B2C, B2B and in some cases (serving hospitals, state schools, universities) B2G business.

    Business Model

    ●     Stained glass business;

    ●     Custom made stained glass business;

    ●     Stained glass sheets, crates and glass packs business;

    ●     Stained glass supply business;

    ●     Stained glass repair service.

    Tools & Equipment

    Running your own greenhouse business requires time and equipment regardless of which type of plants you grow.

    Except for enthusiasm, you will need greenhouse heaters, fans, vents and ventilation systems, lighting kits, fixtures, irrigation system, carts and wagons, seed-starting supplies including pots and trays, covering, hydroponic system (optional), soil testing device, thermometers, flooring, climate control system, anchors, fasteners and others.


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