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  • Thatch Roof Business

    Thatch roof business is the process of building thatched roofs and offering different services such as thatched roof repairs, restore, maintenance, protection, etc.

    In South Africa, thatched roofs are still popular. There is even a commercial airport in Mpumalanga which roof is thatched!

    Business Model

    ●     Thatch roof repairs, restore and maintenance business;

    ●     Thatch protection service;

    ●     Thatched roof design service;

    ●     Roof thatching and re-thatching services.

    Tools & Equipment

    The first step toward starting a thatch company is becoming a member of The thatchers association os South Africa (TASA). When it comes to equipment, you’ll need various brushes, knives, shears, twister, set pit, ladders, side rakes, long eaves knife and others.

    These tools are not easy to find and buy, you'll need to be looking for them in special shops. Also, you can order a basic thatchers tool kit.


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