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  • Tombstone Business

    Tombstone business is the process of manufacturing, selling and installation of memorial stones placed over graves. This refers to custom stones made of iron, white bronze, wood and other materials.

    This business serves those who keep memories of their loved ones and take care of their graves. This refers to both humans and animals.

    In South Africa, the most famous tombstone entrepreneur Lebohang Khitsane is often called the Steve Jobs of this industry, since he designs and erects luxury tombstones for local celebrities and politicians.

    Business Model

    ●     Memorial Stones;

    ●     Tombstones;

    ●     Luxury Tombstone Business;

    ●     Gravestone Services;

    ●     Cemetery Tombstone Designs Business;

    ●     Memorial, Grave Marker, Tombstone Specialists Hire Business;

    ●     Grave Washing Service Business;

    ●     Gravestone Restoration & Maintenance Services;

    ●     Tombstones Supply & Install Business.

    Tools & Equipment

    Running this business requires finding suppliers of granite, marble, sandstone and other materials. Also, you’ll need to purchase a tombstone cutting machine, marble processing machine, engraving machine for marble and granite and some other.


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