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  • Towels business

    Towels business is the process of making and selling different types of towels such as towels for hospitality, towels for hostels, beach towels, and other. This business entails both designing towels from scratch and sewing them.

    Towels business serves average customers who buy towels for everyday use (kitchen towels, bath towels, etc) and commercial customers like hotels who need large consignment of towels for their clients.

    Business Model

    ●     Towel manufacture, distribution and wholesale business;

    ●     Bath towels manufacture and wholesale;

    ●     Beach towels manufacture and wholesale;

    ●     Kitchen towels manufacture and wholesale;

    ●     Making towels for hospitality like hotels, etc,

    Tools & Equipment

    The most common piece of equipment you will need to run this business is a cotton towel making machine. You might also need a textile weaving tool and some other tools.


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