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  • Upholstery Business

    Upholstery business refers to providing different pieces of furniture with fabric, leather and other covers to give them a new appearance.

    In most cases, it costs less to get furniture upholstered rather than to get a new sofa or chair. Because of that upholstery services in South Africa are so popular among both rich and poor people and are in demand among commercial and domestic customers.

    Business Model

    ●     Loose Covers;

    ●     Upholstery Cleaning Business;

    ●     Furniture Upholstery Repair Service Shop;

    ●     Auto Upholstery and Car Interiors Repairs Business;

    ●     Upholstery and Re-Upholstery Services for Residential and Commercial Customers.

    Tools & Equipment

    Starting this business requires hiring upholsterers and purchasing upholstery tools, tool kit set and supplies. This refers to upholstery shears, scissors, snap fastener kit, button needle, ace clipper staples, white rubber mallet, canvas stretcher, duckbill plier, decorative nail hammer,  upholstery knives, hog rings and other tools.


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