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  • Water Feature Business

    Water feature business is the process of manufacturing, selling, repairing and maintaining various water features such as water pools, fountains, cascades, ponds, waterfalls and streams. In general, this business refers to all types of features. This is a multi-service B2C, B2B and in some cases B2G business, which means, it serves ordinary clients, other businesses (cafes, hotels, office buildings and government (city fountains, waterfalls, etc).

    Business Model

    ●     Water feature service;

    ●     Water pools business;

    ●     Water fountains business;

    ●     Water ponds business;

    ●     Water cascades business;

    ●     Waterfalls and streams business.

    Tools & Equipment

    To run a water feature company, you will need various pieces of equipment such as filter tanks, filter baskets, lid extensions, skimmer attachments and accessories, rainwater filters, expansion tanks, bottom drawn and circulators, waterfall starters, riser skimmer flow-caps, UV clarifiers, bio-filtration tools, auto-fill devices, pump shut-off devices, pump discharge kits and many other.



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