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  • Scales and weighing equipment

    Scales and weighing equipment business refers to manufacturing and selling different types of scales and weighing machines. This business also includes services and repairs.

    It serves ordinary people who buy food weighing scales or scales for measuring their weight at home and companies which need weighing equipment for different purposes.

    Business Models

    ●     Scales and weighing equipment manufacturing;

    ●     Scales and weighing equipment rental business;

    ●     Mass-measuring machines, weighbridges business;

    ●     Food weighing scales and gram scales manufacturing and wholesale;

    ●     Lab balances and scales manufacturing and wholesale business.

    Tools & Equipment

    There are digital and mechanical scales. Hence, you will need different equipment for manufacturing them. Making industrial scales and weighing systems requires starting a small factory, hiring personnel and buying scales making equipment.

    This also applies to manufacture small kitchen scales.


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