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  2. This thread is for all mixed commercial and residential shipping container conversion ideas that can be used for inspiration. Commercial is defined as any property that is used for business activities and includes retail and industrial use while residential defined as any property designed for people to live in. One idea per post.
  3. This thread is for all commercial shipping container conversion ideas that can be used for inspiration. Commercial is defined as any property that is used for business activities and includes retail and industrial use. One idea per post.
  4. This thread is for all residential shipping container conversion ideas that can be used for inspiration. Residential defined as any property designed for people to live in. One idea per post.
  5. The road depicted is definitely Summer Greens drive. I went through the property owners in that road and see a few CC's with similar names that own a few houses next to each other, but not 100, so it might be in the surrounding area of that road as well. Not sure if this is the sellers above but if it is, it is selling at a significant premium to the municipal market value - a valuation that was objected against.
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  7. I see that they are busy with a major redevelopment project. Let's hope they can clean up the area from the elements. https://igual.co.za/portfolio-archive/parow/
  8. 48 Edinburgh Drive, Bishopscourt (it's on the M3) Plot size is 4707m2, dwelling extent is 424m2 according to municipal records Municipal value is R9.3m It was sold in 2007 for R6.5m according to public records Current owner is Up Front Investments 171 (Pty) Ltd. In 2008 Absa bank filed a liquidation application against the company (not sure what it was related to) In 2010 this house was up for auction as a "unrenovated home" and "renovation project". ClareMart was the auctioneer that time as well. No idea if it sold that time as the last public data I can find is from 2007. The 2013 article linked to above says "The house was nearly auctioned recently due to municipal debt" and that "a sale in execution was pending, but the debtor went into liquidation". This is the house that former Fidentia CEO J Arthur Brown was living in in 2013 (you can read that link for that convoluted story). As Absa also filed liquidation applications against Up Front Investments 174 and Up Front Investments 182 as well, I'm not sure if those applications were related to the Fidentia saga. In 2017 Up Front Investments 171 and 2 others filed an eviction application against a person and 3 others. No idea if it's related to this property, and who the 2 other plaintiffs are, liquidators maybe? A cursory search on the first respondent brings up an debt counselling scam allegation made against a person with the same name and surname. Satellite photos on Google Maps shows the roof to be have no damage. Google says Maps satellite data is between 1 and 3 years old. 2016, 2017, and 2018 aerial photography shows no damage to the roof. If the listing images is really from a 2018 inspection then what the hell happened? Fire? I can pull a paid property report for whoever wants one, but this property has more red flags than a girl that chats you up on Voortrekker road. That being said, even as a plot there might still be opportunity for the brave, considering its Bishopscourt one of South Africa's most exclusive suburbs, a 4055m2 plot three roads down is on the market for R15.9m. One still need to know the whole story around the eviction action and "illegal occupation", what defence did the tenant put up that a warrant of eviction was not issued to the sheriff, we are talking about a multi-million rand property here, people with properties worth far less see their evictions through to the end. To summarise: a company (who's directors were friends with former Fidentia CEO J Arthur Brown) purchased the property for R6.5m (2007) , neglected it, didn't pay rates, bank filed for liquidation of company (2008), sale fell through due to liquidation (2010), let a convicted fraudster live in it (2013), now (2020) there are and people living in it who are refusing to leave ("currently illegally occupied") and it is being auctioned off "unseen" due to "access not obtainable" with extensive damage. 2010 Advertorial Current Google Maps 2016 aerial photo 2017 aerial photo 2018 aerial photo Google Street View
  9. There was one for sale here in Constantia as well; I saw when I was going through listings once. It's been removed but you can see it here: https://www.property24.com/for-sale/constantia/cape-town/western-cape/11742/108298888 https://www.property24.com/for-sale/constantia/cape-town/western-cape/11742/108301151 I don't think the sellers really care about densification, it's probably sold out of necessity or it's simply not needed. If your income is taking a knock (lots of people's investment income is drying up) and children are out of the house, why do you need to continue paying rates for something that you don't need? And let me tell you about rates in these areas, I recently saw a house with rates of R26800 a month.
  10. Based on the images, this property is in a shocking state of disrepair and has "squatters", sold ‘site unseen’ they would surely have to deviate from even municipal value. I wonder what the story is. @Pintel what can you tell us about this property for free :)
  11. Something for the renovation guys, currently on liquidation auction: Description: Main House: • Entrance hall • Lounge • Dining room • Kitchen • 4x bedrooms • 3x bathrooms First floor: • Bedroom • Kitchen • Bathroom • 1 Bedroom Flatlet Other: • Double Garage • Swimming pool • Tennis court • Jacuzzi NOTES: • Currently illegally occupied • Access not obtainable - sold ‘site unseen’ • All images and information based on our 2018 site inspection
  12. I was looking for what a property with a tennis court will sell for in Cape Town and actually found tennis courts that was once part of a property being sold as a plot. I think its good news we are seeing densification in the upper suburbs for whatever the reason, a lot of these suburbs have massive plots. The prices are still crazy but it's a step in the right direction. Click on the images for the full listing.
  13. Post all R10 store business news relevant to the industry in this thread.
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  15. Now that we have the competitive landscape out of the way. I do not believe that Edgars can compete in the upper LSM range against Zara and H&M (and even against Cotton On) these fast fashion brands are far more agile. As for TFG and Truworths I think they are more diversified than Edgars and can compete better. So what can Edgars do with their 709688m2 (203 x 3 496m2 shops) of prime mall real estate? I would go with a neutral coworking subletting model and distribution network. The subletting model could resemble YDE or even WeWork for retail. Retail space is rented in bulk and subletted at a profit. Shelf space is rented to brands and Edgars takes a commission of each sale as well. As for the distribution network? Edgars can expand their pay points to resemble Shoprite Money Markets and sell a lot of other things. But their prime locations can be utilised as a distribution network for other products as well. They have a wide reach, available in all major areas, they already have warehousing and logistics with deliveries coming in all the time. As for Jet I have to look at their financial performance but I think they are probably in a better position to compete with their competitors than Edgars considering that most of South Africans fall into lower income brackets. That is my opinion. What do you think?
  16. As I said in the other thread, Edcon has a large footprint of prime locations in all the big malls, yes its expensive space (which is one of the structural challenges they are facing). But let's look at their strengths for now: Here are the facts according to Edcon Edgars 203 stores Average size 3 496sqm LSM 6-10, all ages Jet 560 stores across South Africa and Africa Average size 650 sqm LSM 4-7 LSM refers to the Living Standards Measure "is a marketing and research tool used in South Africa to classify standard of living and disposable income. It segments the population into ten deciles based on their relative means, with LSM 1 being the decile with the least means and 10 being the decile with the greatest means". (Whether LSM is still an effective marketing segmentation tool is another story for another day). Edgars thus competes with international groups Zara & H&M and local TFG / Foschini Group (Foschini & Markham) and Truworths in the upper LSM range, whereas Jet competes with Ackermans and Pep in the lower LSM range. Ackermans is probably Jet's closest competitor as Pep is rated by some a bit lower at 3-6 whereas Ackermans is rated by some a bit higher at 4-7 the same as Edcon's rating of Jet above. However as the Competition Commission notes: "Consumers do not necessarily restrict themselves to stores that target their LSM group. Market research, for instance, shows that consumers in the lower LSM groups will frequently buy from the higher LSM targetted shops and vice versa. There is thus a degree of overlap between the various LSM categories". I haven't gone through the available financial reports to see the performance of Edgards vs Jet. But both appear to be struggling.
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