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  • Beekeeping business


    Beekeeping business refers to the maintenance of bee colonies and collecting their honey and other products such as nectar, beeswax, pollen, etc.

    This business serves confectionery industry as well as individuals who prefer raw honey over sweets and chocolate.

    Another option is making and selling beekeeping tools for both professional and amateur beekeepers.

    Business model

    ●     Honey manufacturing and processing business;

    ●     Selling bees business;

    ●     Pollination services business;

    ●     Wild honey harvesting business;

    ●     Beekeepers’ equipment and supplies;

    ●     Beekeepers &/or removal services.

    Equipment & Materials
    Starting a bee farm requires little money and a lot of time. The most common pieces of beekeeping equipment are protective gear, smoker, hive tool, bee brush, extracting tools, etc.

    You will also have to buy beehives and bees themselves.



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